Wednesday, September 2, 2020

100 Push-up Challenge. Are you in?

100 Push-up Challenge.

I Think that push-ups are one of the most overlooked exercises. It works out a lot of the body. They work on upper body strength. They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When done with proper form, they can also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging the abdominal muscles.

With pus-ups being so great. I thought I would do a 100 push-ups a day for 30 days. I think I will keep this simple. The rules are, you must do them all with proper form. Not all of the push-ups need to be done at once. Fell free to split them up over the day. This will also boost your metabolism throughout the day.

I will keep you posted on my results. I will be using the perfect push-up to do all my push_ups. I will leave a link at the bottom. I want to get the most out of this challenge. Let's have fun and get in great shape together.